Barracuda Boatworks Logo

Barracuda Boatworks came to us looking for a complete, full-package brand. They wanted the logo to include a barracuda skeletal graphic, so that was something we needed to create. This was our first boating logo. Using other fish bones as a reference, we created a distinct main mark. The typeface was altered to give a “toothy” feel, as to mimic the barracuda’s teeth. The logo on the side of the boats and custom stitched onto their seats was nice to see. It’s those little details that really make the brand come alive.

They also needed business cards, brochure and a website. The client was very pleased with the results. We gave them just what they wanted. Implementing techniques of gorilla marketing, we printed quite a lot of stickers with the logo. The stickers were then given out at boat shows and to locals. Recognized all over the North Port area, the brand took-off.