Jay Tinsman

Jay Tinsman is a true Country musician from the backwoods of Virginia, although I would refer to his music more in the Island or Americana genre.

This was another case of referral by client. Scott, Jay’s guitarist, worked for DMK Associates, who we had done work for in the past, and called us to create a brand for Jay. This was a designer’s dream—a chance to get crazy and design something a little edgy. I started with the logo and based it off his guitar head. It was hand carved and very unique. Then we worked on his latest CD: “Bikini, Mountains, Mules & Moonshine.” Now that was fun. We also set up two photoshoots for that, as well. And lastly, we designed his website, which we had to create in Flash so that the music wouldn’t stop while browsing through the pages. With the link provided you can view the prototype.


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