Sarasota Scullers Logo

The Sarasota Scullers approached us to help them tighten up their brand. This was an honor for us, considering the Scullers are the oldest organized youth rowing club in Sarasota. I had designed a few sports logos in the past, so I was up to the challenge. I thought their current logo had good roots and didn’t want to stray too far from it. While I did present a few logos that broke from tradition, the final word was the classic with a bit of flair. I took the existing logo and gave it a little depth and appeal, which in turn made the logo more impactful.

The new look gave renewed energy to a tired brand. It was quite gratifying to see the team sporting the logo on all their shirts, uniforms and other various items.  The client was so pleased that they asked us to design the logo and brand of the next regatta.