TipTop Design Stop Logo
The menus just came in for Destinations Catering and I must say they look pretty nice. A four-panel gatefold was the perfect set up for this. The information dictated the layout. This was also a good opportunity to bring in a few graphic elements that can be used on other projects to help establish the brand. Such as the location bubble used with photography and the faded back map of the Sarasota/Bradenton area – more of just a texture. The inside was fun because the type had room to breath, which is usually not the case when laying out a menu. Two sizes of the quad-folds were printed, a legal size (14″ x 8.5″) and a tabloid (17″ x 11″) size.

Now Alex has a branded tool that he can use to promote his business in the mail or out on the town. Next on the books is the website. I can already see it now. It’s going to be an amazing feat of Bon appétit.