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We finished this website a while back. Just about the time that COVID-19 paid us a visit. We are waiting till things get a little better to really start promoting Soiree. I say “we” because this is the business that I helped my wife, Agata, start. She was always did amazing job at setting up for parties and she loved to do it. Payed attention to every detail. After a little research and some outside inspiration we decided to create Soiree of Amore – small but amazing in-home dinner parties. Offering five unique themes that temporarily wisk you and your guests off to multi-sensory experience. Almost sounds like I’m selling it … LOL. I even designed the bread and butter and dessert plates for four out of the five themes. We found a place out in Colorado that would print my designs onto plates. I put a lot of love into this one, both emotionally and financially. We currently have a storage unit stocked with five themes – each having unique settings and elements. Take a look around, check out the themes page and see what adventures each theme has to offer.